About Our Ladders

Little Giant ladders

Multi-purpose ladders designed for tactical and military operations are now available to professionals.

These heavy duty ladders fold and telescope into 26 different configurations! This allows safe and convenient access to stairwells, industrial mezzanines and uneven ground. Unique design feature allows half of the ladder to be vertical during use. This allows the ladder to be next to a window or vehicle without touching that work surface.

These extra heavy duty ladders are produced with high strength aluminum alloy specifically for law enforcement and military. The oversize rungs have rubber end caps to prevent accidental snags and injury. Unique flat black coating ensures durable surface that resists scratches and chipping for years to come. D-rings mounts are available at no charge and can be positioned on side of ladder. This can be a huge time saver when lifting or carrying ladder into position.

Get the strength and toughness that SWAT Teams across the country depend on!